Sturdy and Durable

Sell your buns steamed fresh right off the shelf

Steam display units keeps food warm in a moist environment using an aluminum die-casting heater.

Full 180-Degree Viewing Front Glass

Unique, 180 degree curved front glass that has no metal frames to obstruct the view of the products inside. Which leads to attract the customers better and in a more eye catching way.

Easy-To-See Digital Display

Water Level Alarm, Reheat Button, Internal Temperature Display, Unit ON/OFF Indicator, Alternate Temp Display Switch, “Put in Food” Indicator, Alarm Release Button & Power Switch for Unit.

Micro-Computer Controlled Internal Temperature

Microcomputer-controlled temperature and error diagnostics system with easy-to-view digital display. In the event of an operation error, a buzzer will sound and the type of error will be displayed.

Sliding Tray Stoppers

Trays are prevented from falling out of the racks from accidental over-pulling. To draw out the tray, draw it to the end until it stops. Then draw it again while raising it obliquely upwards.

The equipment is specially designed with a unique, curved front glass that has no metal frames to obstruct the view of the products inside, to better attract the attention of customers.
— Bun Steamer

Nippon Heater Kiki Co., Ltd

Focusing On What Matters Most

Nippon Heater Kiki Co., Ltd specializes in the end-to-end solution from designing, manufacturing to the sales, maintenance and after-service of heating and warming products for our customers.

With more than 30 years of know-how and experience, we take pride and continuously strive to deliver “Equipment & Services of Warmth” to our valued costumers.

Top efficiency comes with all of our equipments as all they needs is a single-touch to get the machines to automatically keep your foods warm at the recommended temperature. We take pride to also provide our unique function to understand errors occurred from the preset alarms and messages displayed via a single-glance at the “tell-it-all” digital control panel.



Beverage warmers & Heated display cases

A revolutionary and novel design; coupled with our special, single-piece curved glass and well-illuminated interior; attracts the customers to the ever-delicious looking food.

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